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Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of communication between you and your incarcerated loved one?  Today, you're restricted to waiting by the phone hoping for a phone call or sending a letter in the mail, which often takes days or even weeks to be delivered.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could initiate communication with your incarcerated loved one?  Now you can – with Secure Instant Mail.


Similar to sending a standard email, Secure Instant Mail is sent over the internet and instantly delivered to the correctional facility where the inmate is detained. 


Secure Instant Mail allows you to:


-  Initiate communication with an inmate

-  Remove the wait by receiving faster, more frequent responses

-  Save the time and hassle of buying stamps and trips to the post office

-  Communicate on your schedule


Check availability  and sign up  today!

Please note that all messages are subject to review and approval by facility staff. By using Securus Instant Mail, you hereby waive any claims of confidentiality or privilege that you might otherwise be entitled to claim with respect to the contents of any message sent through this system.